Having Entertainment with Trampolines


A trampoline is fundamentally a recreational and gymnastic tool made of steel frame with a piece of taught, strong fabric being stretched over with the use of coiled springs as anchors. The strong canvas or attached fabric is used for tumbling. The innovative touch of the trampolines is made of a solid net, stretched elastically on a frame of various shapes. Long-lasting materials like tarpaulin are commonly used as the alternative to nets.

The word trampoline gets its name from the Spanish word “trampoline” which means a diving board. Trampolines were first used by Eskimos who used to toss one another up into the air on the skins of the walrus. In 1934, George Nissen and Larry Griswold made the very first modern trampoline which soon established the Griswold-Nissen Trampoline and Tumbling Company in the year 1942 and started making trampolines for kids commercially in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The United States Navy Flight School used trampolines during the training of their navigators and pilots way back on the World War II time through authorizing pilots to practice their orientation. Also, trampolines were useful in the space flight program that assists in training the astronauts in experiencing variety of body positions in flight.

Trampolining was introduced in the Olympic Games as competitive gymnastic sports since the year 2000. The user is allowed to bounce as high as ten meters in a competitive trampolining. There are two kinds of trampolines, the recreational and the competitive. Generally, the recreational trampolines are octagonal, rectangular, or circular shaped, and the materials that are used are springs the bed fabric are not as sturdy compare to the competitive trampolines. Meanwhile, competitive trampolines are built in a much stronger and less-elastic fabric including the elasticity of the trampoline delivered only by the springs. The competitive trampolines’ frames are built of steel which can be folded up for an easy transportation to competition sites.

Some of the famous and important accessories of a trampoline contain safety nets, covers, anchors, ladders, trampoline bounce boards, tents, trampoline enclosure locks and spring tools. The trampoline weather covers helps in protecting the frame pads, material and stitching on the mat of the trampoline against Ultraviolet rays. Trampoline accessories like nets are also known as the trampoline enclosure which are structures with zinc tubes and a strong polyethylene net that will add extra security to the the trampoline. With the growth of the trampolining’s fame, there are more available trampoline accessories offered at affordable buy trampolines prices.

You may also take a look at http://www.ehow.com/videos-on_9609_beginner-trampoline-tricks.html if you want to read/watch further.


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